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The Process of making art work in the Time Out Studio

These are some of the production techniques used to create some of the works on this site. Mr. Longo uses a combination of ceramic, wood, fussed glass and metal. He has been painting, drawing, sculpting, and playing blues music for the past 33 years. His creations on display are all original works, hand made and hand painted using brushes made from black bamboo and Saguaro (his dog’s) fur. Here's a short version of how Time Out got started.

Just as traditional potters have turned clay on the wheel for centuries, Tony throws the bodies on the wheel, then flattens them, changing their shapes, and stretching them so they are thin and light. Once leather hard he adds the feet or fins, eyes, nose, lips, teeth and tongue. At this time each piece is signed and given a name from one of his friends, acquaintances, or by special requests. The fragile sanding, carving and sponging finishes the first stage of creation. Once dried, each work is painted with a translucent watercolor under glaze. Because dry clay absorbs water so quickly, he made brushes that hold more water and keep the colors and detail consistent. The characters are painted green-ware when first fired, and if they LIVE… then they are fired a second time with a clear glaze to give them a glass like appearance. After this second firing some of the works are fired a 3rd, 4th, and even a 5th time layering applications of, 24 K Gold, Platinum, and iridescent luster colors.

Tony has developed many techniques of casting fish in glass or using fused glass, steel and copper for some of the fins and with spectacular results. These help in creating the new of “fountains of Fun” garden art.

Each 3-D creation comes with a display of ceramic, wood or metal, that can hang from the wall or sit on a pedestal. Dynamic ecosystems are created when multiple pieces are selected together.