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Adopted Yard Art

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Fountains, Bees, Wasps,and Lady Bugs

Each piece of yard art is wheel thrown, or press molds in series then modified with hand built body parts, after the bus is leather hard , feet, lips, teeth, eyes and tongue are added. The piece is sanded, signed, given a name, carved, and sponged and left to dry. Once dry a combination of pigments and glazes are layered over the out side and fired as painted green ware. The effect gives the look of a water color painting.

We fire our low fired clay (2100 f) to a higher temperature than is recommended by the manufacturer, we do this because clay becomes a low fire stoneware. The clay has reached it's maturity, fully vitrified, so even at lower temperatures the clay will last for 100's of years, and the colors will remain bright. Just look at the tiles of Babylon in the German museums!

All the paces are displayed on a 1/4 steel rod, or a custom make fountain basin. There will always be natural changes and chances that occur in a kiln firing, and images limited by our equipment. Art made in a kiln is subject to these chances because of the thousands of variables that naturally occur when colors are hand mixed. Our photos are digital and as close as we can get to how they look in real life, please make a note of any piece you like and we will do our best to replicate it when you order.

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